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Photo Credit: Jon Blauvelt

Brian and Amber Moorman


The P.U.N.T. Foundation was founded as a public charity in 2004 by former NFL Pro Bowl Punter Brian Moorman, who played for the Buffalo Bills from 2001-2013, and his wife Amber. Their desire to make a difference for kids in WNY who were fighting pediatric cancer and give back to the community using Brian’s stature as a beloved pro-athlete has had a long-lasting impact for countless WNY families.


As we all struggle to handle the challenges of COVID-19, P.U.N.T. is committed to continuing to provide critical financial assistance to WNY families facing pediatric cancer. These families were already in crisis mode and struggling to make ends meet from the devastation of this diagnosis. Please consider helping us stand behind them with a pledge of support in any amount to our "Helping Hands" program. Cancer doesn't stop for coronavirus, and we know they will need us now more than ever. You can help us be ready for the many requests that will be coming from hospital social workers on behalf of the highest need families. Thank you.